Your favorite cryptocurrency in the Prediction Contest? (week 119)

Now, we pick a new cryptocurrency for the contest on Twitter, every week. But we’d love to let YOU pick a coin. (Possibly, it’s easier to predict your favorite coin. And probably it’s even better to win 100$ in the coin of your choice!)

Check out the poll and vote!


Name your favorite coin, describe why it’s so awesome, and perhaps it will be in the next Prediction Contest!

Note: Sponsor Indacoin delivers the price via their app, so the coin has to be available in the Indacoin app.

Which cryptocurrency would you like to see in the next Prediction Contest?

  • Electroneum
  • Digibyte
  • Zcash

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EOS, because their vision on the future, their solutions, which Bitcoin still deals with, like high energy consumption.

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We could include EOS next time in the poll @Marianne? :slight_smile:


Zcash! Because it’s awesome privacy tech hehe :woman_technologist: :man_technologist: