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About the Project introductions category

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Bankcoin Reserve BCR is a stable coin pegged to the previous ceiling price of gold, this means that the present price of Bankcoin Reserve BCR is tethered to the highest price of gold in the previous month. on the Bankcoin Reserve mainnet holders can earn up to 9.8% to 10% interest per annum through the Proof of Stake PoS which can be accessed through the web wallet downloadable on the website. Bankcoin Reserve is the first cryptocurrency to be granted 8 patents, Bannkcoin Reserve BCR is currently accepted by retailers, vendors, real estate professionals, speakers and influencers offering their services across the globe. BCR is currently trading in 5 exchanges while team is on a drive to continue listing on mainstream exchanges and as soon as this achieved majority of crypto traders will find BCR as the best hedging commodity as the price never drops.

Bankcoin Reserve currently has a growing telegram community of over 52K and will be more than glad to welcome members of this great community into the family as well.

Thanks for the opportunity guys :pray:

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Thanks for the introduction, sounds interesting. Escpacially the volatility mitigation strategy by tethering the token to the gold price. Are the tokens exchangeable for real gold? Or some other mechanism to guarantee the price stability?

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Hola, a todos soy venezolano antes que todo muy buenas tardes, quiero presentar el proyecto de una criptomoneda que llevara por nombre covid-coin, los tiempos est√°n cambiando, las tecnolog√≠a est√°n avanzando y con ellas el uso de las monedas digitales muestro a ustedes la rese√Īa de mi proyecto en cuanto reciba alguna respuesta,
atentamente: Ely Reyes