BlipCoin-BPCN a new and quickly valued coin

BlipCoin-BPCN a new and quickly valued coin


BlipCoin-BPCN offers the experience of a lifetime.

From the mundane day-to-day activities, BPCN transforms your reality for a short period of time into fantasy.

Using various forms of interaction, you will find your self in an augmented reality experience without the use of a headset or controllers.

BlipCoin-BPCN puts the user in one of many selected experiences to choose from. Personal requests are available but limited.

After filling out the questionnaire, the user will be required to sign atypical waivers and send in the BPCN for payment. The experience typically starts within 1 week and the day picked at seemingly random to the user.

Dependent upon the experience package picked and the location of the user, variances in deployment of the experience range from one week to one month.

Our service is global and goes beyond the experience package to what will one day be BlipFests and BlipCations. We offer these in limited form momentarily. Inquire at for having a BlipFest setup near you, or to organize a BlipCation.

Come take a look at or google BlipCoin-BPCN.