Coinranking API | Changelog

Coinranking API | Changelog

All notable changes to the Coinranking API will be collected in this topic.

Updates are indicated with the next labels:
Added - For new features
Changed - For changes in existing features.
Removed - For removed features.
Fixed - For any bug fixed.
Refactor - Restructuring existing code.


During beta closed - Coinranking API 2

  • feat(feedback): rename query parameter to the search parameter which explains its use better.
  • feat: remove Coinranking index from API:
    the ‘Coinranking’ index is the same as the market cap index, at least to the outside world (internally it is used in Redis as a concatenation of the three tiers of market-cap indexes, to easily determine the rank of each coin). Making it available in the API is confusing and unnecessary though, so it is removed.
  • fix: when no coins are found when using a filter the server won’t throw an error.
  • fix: filter on symbols also finds symbols with asterisks, e.g. searching for BTT also finds BTT*.
  • feat: replace asterisks in symbols now we have UUIDs everywhere. So BTT* will be shown as BTT.
  • feat: markets don’t have a pair property anymore, but a separate base and quote symbols.
  • feat: added baseUuid, quoteUuid, and exchangeUuid to markets to make finding the relations more easily.
  • feat: move supply info to its own object in the coins endpoint. Also take away confirmed/approved supply confusion by always using confirmed.
  • feat: penalty was a confusing property. Will be replaced by tier in the future.
  • feat: make adding array validation more clear.

During beta closed - Coinranking API 2

  • fix(change-percentage) the percentages are now calculated based on rates, instead of averages.
    This has a couple of advantages:
    • Changes percentages are consistent throughout our API.
    • The change used for ordering coins on change is no longer calculated just based on Bitcoin, but reflects the change towards the selected reference currency.
    • Calculating the change is (for now only in the backend) no longer restricted to the defined timeperiods, e.g. 24h, 7d. etc. in preparation for variable timeperiods in the future.

  • fix(change-percentages) prevent requests with both a filter and orderBy.
    The backend does not support this, and users now get a validation error when they try to use both parameters.

  • feat: remove first seen since it is no longer used.

  • docs: change :coin_uuid in just :UUID for consistency.

  • docs: change the UUID type to UUID instead of Number.

  • docs: use the correct icon for Dollar and the correct UUIDs.

  • fix: standardized timestamps throughout api, which means no longer accepting milliseconds but just UNIX epoch in seconds.

  • fix: responses with lists that contain multiple values, such as coin history, now return objects again with ‘timestamp’ and ‘price’ keys.

  • feat(naming): use coinrankingUrl instead of pageOnCoinranking. Because all external links are called …Url we changed pageOnCoinranking to coinrankingUrl as well to be more consistent.

  • fix(validation) UUIDs in the path are now validated. Path parameter validation was lacking for subendpoints (e.g. /coin/:UUID/exchanges).

  • feat(naming): Source is an external codename. In practice, these are only exchanges. So instead of source we changed all mentions of ‘source’ to ‘exchange’.

  • chore(docs): the documentation now has examples about how to use each query parameter.

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And expect more soon! More feedback from our beta testers is still on our backlog, and we’ll continuously make improvements to the new API.