Czechoslovakian WolfDog token - WolfDog $CSW

We created WolfDog token with an idea to popularize the breed Czechoslovakian WolfDog, and of course in this way to enable those who choose us to participate in the project and naturally generate for themselves a return on investment with our token. We have 2 tokens. The one present here @coinranking is on BSC. The reason for the lack of information about him is, that the exchanges on which his liquidity is found, are not present in the list of exchanges @coinranking.
About our token on BSC :
Total supply - 11,000,000 CSW tokens, from them 6,000,000 CSW are sent to contract address (0x9883966dd53d6f1f998d997b4b22a0addc113046) so they can not be traded. About 350,000 CSW are burned. 1,800,000 CSW are locked (you can check from our site). So in circulation are 2,850,000 tokens. In our wallet they are about 150,000 CSW (we use them for giveaways&airdrops).
All of our liquidity is locked. We have mint function in our contract, but as we said - mint function may eventually be used in 2022 to provide the token to non-current exchanges.
About our other token on Polygon network. He is with the exactly same name : WolfDog $CSW,
total supply - 3,000,000
2,850,000 - pooled
5% taxes on buy/sell/TX (2% rewards to holders + 3% for liquidity)
At that moment our marketcap is ultra low. That is more than good opportunity for You.
And liquidity locked + renounced ownership.
If You decide to join the project, You can follow us on Twitter :, join our telegram : Telegram: Contact @WolfDog_CSW, You can find our website at Twitter.