DESCOUNT - Decentralized Discount Issuer

Descount – Decentralized Discount Issuer

Meet Worl’s first real time online shopping discount issuer crypto project.

Briefly A new crypto Project aiming to provide real time discounts to shoppers by either paying in $DESC the crypto asset of Descount or holding the necessary amount of $DESC in their wallet at the time of the shopping and keeping their Personal Data, as shoppers do not have to signup to discount coupon/voucher code websites and apps and provide their personal details. Providing free and open source of codelettes for Merchants which would like to join Descount eco system which is easily editable to place on their websites or apps. Cutting the costs of the merchants: Descount will always remain free to join and maintain for Merchants, Instead of registering Discount Coupon Code/Voucher websites or apps and paying numerous fees monthly or yearly.

DoDoEx Crowd Pooling ( IDO ) Address: DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider.

Start Price : 1 $bDESC = $0.49

Total Pooled $bDESC : 2.000.000

HardCap in $bUSD : 1.000.000

Start Date: 21/06/2021

End Date: 31/08/2021

Total $bDESC to be sold during Crowd Pooling: 1.000.000

Total $bDESC to go onto spot exchange : 1.000.000

Already On PancakeSwap with Limited Availability: Pancake Swap

Can be tracked on DexTools:

Can be tracked on LiveCoinWatch:

Listed on CoinCodex & CoinCheckUp

We all LOVE discounts but how about privacy ?

The online shopping has increased by 15% globally after early 2020 with the affect of Covid-19. So did the Discount coupon/voucher code advertising market. This increase was predicted ofcourse but in a large time scale if covid-19 hasnt existed. A lot of new e-commerce websites and apps poped up, the ones who were in the market got a lot bigger.

Researches show that the most of the online shoppers do seek for discount coupon/voucher codes before they purchase goods or services. When it comes to find the discount codes, the first places are the discount coupon/voucher code websites. Some of them do offer accurate codes which hasnt expired but some of them are full of expired vouchers or even fake ones. They do show possible discount rates and the companies offering it, but dont show the discount code without registration. Here comes the most inportant part of it, you will have to provide your personal data to them. As we are in the Big Data age, this is very important for them to market your data and make Money again.

The popularity of Discount coupon/voucher code popularity makes the merchants register to discount coupon/voucher code advertising – marketing agencies via their websites or apps. Different companies have ofcourse different pricing range to get listed on their platforms and these numbers can hit to real serious amounts depending on the popularity.

So, Shoppers have to provide their personal data to register, Merchants have to pay monthly or yearly plans to get listed and still provide the discount to shoppers, so they lose double.

Meet Descount

Descount never collects personal data, well, it can not as it is a blockchain based project thanks to blockchain and crypto technology. Descount never asks Merchants to register on a paid plan because the discount code is $DESC the crypto asset of Descount Project.

How Discounts will be provided ?

The basic answer for shoppers side is, Holding $DESC in wallet or paying in $DESC the crypto asset. And for Merchants side is adopting Descount Project for free of charge anytime all time.

There are two scenarios as some countries do have regulations over cryptocurrencies to be used on traditional trades to buy or sell goods or services in crypto.

  • If there is regulation in the country of residence of the shopper : The shopper can easily purchase $DESC from Crypto Exchanges or dExes and ofcourse these $DESC’s are still tradable on exchanges or dExes, so they can either use the $DESC as a trade crypto or keep some in their wallets to be eligable for discounts when shopping on a Descount Merchant website or app. When they go on to one of Descount Merchant websites, they will see a badge informing how much $DESC they need in their wallet to qualify to x% discount. After they put the goods or the services they would like into their shopping cart, they will be shown a button saying, “ give me descount “ on checkout page. A small window will popup fort hem to put their public wallet address, once they hit check button, an API call will be sent to Block Explorer and check the amount of $DESC in their wallet. If they have the minimum required amount in their account, the web page will issue the promised % of discount on total price excluding any TAX. Then the shopper will process the payment on their card in FIAT currency.

  • If there is no regulation for cryptocurrency to be used to buy good or services in the country of residence of the shopper : Once the shopper is on Descount Merchant website or app, prices for the goods or the services will be shown both in Fiat and $DESC, but the prices in $DESC are already discounted rates. The shopper will need to select to checkout in $DESC. A payment page with Merchant’s public wallet address will be shown to shopper and the total amount in $DESC to pay ( a qr code will also be shown ), shopper is asked to put her/his public wallet addres which he/she will use to make the payment. Once the payment in $DESC is processed shopper clicks on the I Made the payment button, an API call is sent to Block Explorer to check if the Merchant wallet address have received the funds from the shoppers address. If the payment is done, the shopping is processed succesfully.

In Both scenarios, The price of $DESC to Fiat will be locked for 5 minutes on checkout page, if the time exceeds the shopper will be asked to refresh the page and continue.

Merchants can either Exchange their $DESC straight away or keep hodling, thats their choice.

The future vision of Descount is to be the #1 when it comes to providing real discounts to online shoppers and cutting the costs of merchants.

The first Early Adopter company called HolidayHoppa has announced their accaptence of DESC in providing 10% Discounts on Airport Transfer service bookings for Greece, Turkey, Malta Airports ( Offline via Online Chat help section for now, It will be an online facility once the codelettes creation is done )

$DESC token Facts

Total Max Supply: 120.000.000 DESC

Token Platform: ERC20 and BEP20

Total Minted: 110.000.000 DESC in ERC

Total Wrapped to BEP20 : 60.000.000

Ico Mint: 10.000.000 ERC20 ( Will be minted during the Ico )

Token Ticker: DESC on ERC20 , bDESC on BEP20

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