FELA Token - Community owned Project holdFELA

:balance_scale::balance_scale::balance_scale: WHAT IS FELA

:point_right: FELA is a progressive deflationary (DeFi) token created to build a success

:white_check_mark: This project is 100% community owned!
:white_check_mark: This project is 100% community driven!
:white_check_mark: This project 100% depends on YOU!

:mag_right: TOKEN NAME: FELA Token
:mag_right: TOKEN TICKER: FELA


:balance_scale: TOKENOMICS

  • 4% transactions fee distributed to FELA holders
  • 1% burnt
  • 5% to LP
  • Max tokens per transaction (0.25% of total supply)


:white_check_mark: Contract: 0xd513417D3Ceb6331f21284EBb533952b95620A7E

:white_check_mark: Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0xd513417d3ceb6331f21284ebb533952b95620a7e

:balance_scale: Audit : By solidity finance
:balance_scale: Listings : Applied for CoinMarketCap, BscScan, CoinGecko

Want to donate ?
Every donation will be used for further FELA project enhancement.
Decisions made by whole community through 24h VOTING.

✭ Donation wallet is fully TRANSPARENT ❢

  • You can TRACK every transaction :


:balance_scale:holdFELA is so much community driven, unbelieveable!

Not so long ago FELA turned into community driven project. After devs renounced ownership and disappeared, lots of people united together to raise project from the very bottom. Those people created a strong community and now leading project to the future. While we FELA was growing community, one of previos devvs got into trust with one of our mods, got promoted, and then killed our community from inside - banned all members in telegram and closed some our Social media.
This didn`t stop FELA community from moving on, so they started again, from the very beggining.
FELA started project from the scratch, again, and created all new social media. They are motivated and hummbled. Looks like they gonna break all walls on their way!

Have fun watching FELA skyroket!


Please have a look at our Public announcement Medium and our Reddit.
FELAs are going to post everyday about what`s happening to this project.

Website, Medium, Twitter and other social medias - Everything is abandoned.

:balance_scale:Thats why community took over this project.
Everything what happening after Ownership Renounce is a Community driven decisions made by VOTE.
You can find proof in Telegram, Website, Medium Blog, Twitter, Instagram. FELA has new roadmap on the way, and new ideas about charity.

This is NEW FELA. Driven by community. FELA memebers created accounts on Twitch and YouTube. Community have VOTED to have AMAs every week. I am going to show up my face for community in live AMAs. Please help us keep this project alive.

You can clearly see that FELA was created for PumpnDump only. But our community is stronger. Price didnt hit zero and liquidity still running. New people are comming and they have interest in this project. They HOLD and promote Tokenomics.
Amount of holders now reached 1600 people and growing. TG and TW and other social medias are growing. Community does have hope and does all work to make this project rise and shine.

:balance_scale:FELA collected Donations of 85$ for promos in 6h
:balance_scale:FELA collected Donations of 100$ for promos in 5h
:balance_scale:FELA collected Donations of 200$ for promos in 12h

Everything is transparent and anyone can see Where donations going. Thats how our community works. I am not one person who make decisions. FELA is a community. FELA Building TRUST! FELA Wants to show TRUST!

Thank you,
Best Regards from holdFELA community.