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How can I have in one request, history for 1d, 24h, 1y, 5y,
or How Can I pass more than one timeframe parameters ?
Thanks izi question

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thanks for the answer.

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Sorry for the late response! @nickpater or @Wout could you weigh in on this? Thanks!

Before any comments of the devs I can tell you that we are very close to launching the open beta of Coinranking API 2, much more complete and better documentation, that could help you a lot I think :slight_smile:

Welcome to our dev community and hopefully our API will serve your project very well!

Hi there!

What do you expect the end-point to return when you pass more timeframes?
Just a list with all the data in one array (for a detailed chart for example) or all the timeframes in separate arrays?

Because unfortunately this is not possible now, but if you have a specific use-case we could always consider it :slight_smile: