Gods Unchanged Massive Wash Sales Occurring


I was wondering again, what could possibly be going on with the Gods Unchanged NFT. The trading statistics volume says that the trading volume for Gods Unchanged is $480,521.17, but the chart shows that there was $12.88M being traded a few days ago.

This item has been traded back and forth back and forth between 2 accounts 19 times, each trading for over 500k each time. The person seems to be wanting to inflate the Gods Unchanged trading volume with their wash sales, or increase the average trading of the item.

Would this trading anomaly be kept moving forward? Future trading volume and previous days will look relatively small when compared to the trading anomaly that happened.

Thanks for your awesome and amazing site.

Thanks for the compliments!
And yes, that is indeed a typical case of wash trading, unfortunately. But, we’ve looking into this specific case and removed the trades. So the trading volume is back to normal.