I'm Maarten, CEO of Coinranking

I'm Maarten, CEO of Coinranking

Entrepreneur - traveling - Rick and Morty fan - recently became a father - snowboarding

From all the technological advances in the world; the crypto industry is what I’m really passionate about. As most tech improvements will only help advance a handful of countries, crypto has the potential to reach every part of the world. In its current form, the paradigm internet exhausts its potential, and in the coming decade adding a crypto layer will release enormous potential and will enable a new round of exponential growth.

I want to help build this new world, with a strong conviction of digital assets reaching billions of different coins within 5 years –in large part because of NFTs– I’m constantly looking for new and inspiring events around the world and always love to meet new people. So if you want to talk, collaborate, explore options together, or just curious about me or our company, reach out to me any time!

For now, use this platform as you please, and don’t forget to tip off your friends because together we can reach that critical mass of users to overcome the bootstrap problem :wink:

Email: maarten@coinranking.com
Telegram: @MaartenWNL


Hey, welcome Maarten!

Great introduction :smiley:


welcome martin to crypto world