Introducing ZiberBugs - A New NFT P2E Auto-Battler On Cardano

ZiberBugs is a new Cardano based NFT P2E auto-battler game. Play, breed, sell, trade and level up your bugs. Earn in-game currency which can be used to enhance bugs or sell to earn cash!

Still in the very early stages and they are currently running a Gleam campaign to win one of 99 Egg NFTs which can be exchanged for an Ancestor bug on release (similar to Axie Origins). There will only ever be 1000 Ancestors so these will be the most valuable ZiberBugs NFTs ever made.

They recently did their first AMA and are also currently offering an opportunity for early seed investment of any size at half of IDO cost. Ask in Discord for more information.

Gleam giveaway -

YouTube AMA - Ziberbugs AMA complete version - YouTube