Introducion to TBCT Token

:arrow_down_small:What is TBCT Token?

:arrow_right: TBCT is a real token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Unlike TBC, this token is open source and exchangeable by anyone. Any exchange is free to add it, any person or merchant can start working with it. Unlike TBC, there are no limits to TBCT.

:arrow_down_small:Why TBCT Token?

:arrow_right: We’ve talked with lots of people hoarding up TBC. Most of them are people who live in poor countries, blinding them with huge winning potentials, while really, TBC is just a plain and simple Web2.0. These people have the community spirit that can make real coins great. These are the people that any developer wants to have as a community.

:radio_button: Let’s stop blinding those people with a Web2.0 coin that can never be traded, and give them a real token, on a real blockchain, that can be traded for real money!

:arrow_down_small:What’s the exchange rate?

:arrow_right: The total token supply is limited to 150,000,000 TBCT. This means anyone is free to buy or sell TBC against TBCT tokens.
Since we are still holding a huge amount of TBC coins ourselves, users can also buy TBC against TBCT at realistic prices.

:package:If you want to buy TBC against TBCT, you’ll pay 100 TBCT for 100 Kringles.

:package:If you want to sell your TBC against TBCT, You’ll receive 100 TBCT against 100 TBC.

:arrow_down_small: How to buy these tokens?

:white_check_mark: Buy Directly on the DEX using the TBCT Platform.

:radio_button:Since TBCT is based on the Binance Smart Chain Network, all you need to do is send the amount of TBCT you need in equal BNB value.
You’ll receive the TBCT in your wallet under the TBCT BEP20 Wallet without further action needed on your side.

You want to buy 50000 TBCT. Buy at least 0.1 BNB (BSC) on the exchange of your choice, and send 0.1 BNB to Trustwallet or Metamask. then go to pancakeswap to buy directly to your wallet.

Contact @lydiaTBCT or @dariosalazar for pancakeswap Guideline

:white_check_mark: Buy Directly with TBC from the community as a community VIP or VIP+
:radio_button:You can also buy TBCT directly in the TBCT community as a VIP all you need to do is get $50 TBCT Community VIP Status and you are good to go. You will get credited with TBCT directly to your wallet in the TBCT community. Group

Contact @lydiaTBCT or @dariosalazar for Community VIP Guideline

:arrow_down_small:How can I exchange my TBC against TBCT?
:arrow_right:Until an automated system has been developed (difficult because TBC is closed source), these exchanges need to be done by hand.
Please contact @lydiaTBCT or @dariosalazar and send us a private message with the amount you like to exchange, and we’ll send your further details on how to finish the transaction.

:arrow_down_small:Will there be any exchanges?
:arrow_right:More Exchange listing Over time, Since TBCT is a real token with a real codebase and blockchain attached to it, you can currently trade on pancakeswap if enough users request TBCT liquidity will be added, VIP will provide adequate liquidity.

:arrow_down_small:Where does this token exist?
:arrow_right:You can see the TBCT tokes on the BSC block explorer:

:white_check_mark:Token Website:

:white_check_mark:Token Documentation:
:link: Introduction - TBCT Introduction