List of projects built with Coinranking API

Here’s a list of projects that are built with the Coinranking API:

Want to be on this list? (Or want info on your project updated?)
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  • Name of the project
  • Website
  • Social media links
  • Short Description, max 200 characters
  1. Jaxx Wallet (
    Jaxx Liberty is a leading blockchain wallet with a built-in exchange.

  2. DDKoin
    DDK is a community platform aiming to create economic opportunities through the development of blockchain solutions.

  3. Coinhodler
    Coinhodler is a portfolio app; keep track of all your cryptocurrencies (+10,000 coins available).

  4. Crypto stats Website

  5. Crypto Widget

  6. Getitbar
    MacOS menu bar Cardano price

  7. Cryptovista (
    Price tracker, portfolio, news. App + PWA.

  8. Coinstalker
    Price tracker

  9. RAE token
    Dashboard for RAE token

  10. Hobby project
    Price tracker hobby project to test both Svelte and Quasar.

  11. ITN Group
    Integrated prices of cryptocurrencies.

  12. Coinbillboard (

  13. Capcoin (

  14. Coinmarketpoll

  15. Cryptoinfo
    A crypto price tracker.

  16. Skill for Alexa
    This skill provides information about the Cryptocurrency market Capitalisation.

  17. Google Chrome extension: add your favorites
    Add your favorites coins on Coinranking with this Google Chrome extension.

  18. Coinranking API Client for Node.js
    A Node.js wrapper for the Coinranking API with no dependencies.

  19. Crypto coins dashboard
    A dashboard for cryptocurrencies.

  20. Elixir wrapper for the Coinranking API
    An Elixir wrapper for the Coinranking API, using HTTPoison and Poison.

  21. Try-out Svelte
    A project to try Svelte.

  22. Coding challenge
    Simple frontend coding challenge.

  23. WebApp top cryptocurrencies
    WebApp showing a card grid with the top cryptocurrencies.

  24. Cryptocurrency price tracker

  25. js site
    Simple js site which shows the current value of cryptocurrencies.

  26. Recycler View

  27. WIP application
    Well-designed open source app features cryptocurrency prices and more.

  28. Android application

  29. CryptoWatch
    A web app to track cryptocurrencies in real-time.

  30. Cryptocurrency list

  31. Android application
    An application to explore the Android architecture.

  32. Spring Mvc Application

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