Projects built with Coinranking API

A list of cool projects built with Coinranking API

Platform with crypto data

Crypto app

Jaxx Wallet (
Jaxx Liberty is a leading blockchain wallet with a built-in exchange.

DDK is a community platform aiming to create economic opportunities through the development of blockchain solutions.


Coinhodler is a portfolio app; keep track of all your cryptocurrencies (+10,000 coins available).

Crypto stats Website

Crypto Widget


MacOS menu bar Cardano price

Cryptovista (
Price tracker, portfolio, news. App + PWA.


Price tracker

RAE token
Dashboard for RAE token

Hobby project
Github: lfujiwara (Lucas Toshio Löschner Fujiwara) · GitHub
Price tracker hobby project to test both Svelte and Quasar.

ITN Group
Integrated prices of cryptocurrencies.

Coinbillboard (

Capcoin (


A crypto price tracker.

Skill for Alexa

This skill provides information about the Cryptocurrency market Capitalisation.

Google Chrome extension: add your favorites

Add your favorites coins on Coinranking with this Google Chrome extension.

Coinranking API Client for Node.js

A Node.js wrapper for the Coinranking API with no dependencies.

Crypto coins dashboard

A dashboard for cryptocurrencies.

Elixir wrapper for the Coinranking API

An Elixir wrapper for the Coinranking API, using HTTPoison and Poison.

Try-out Svelte

A project to try Svelte.

Coding challenge

Simple frontend coding challenge.

WebApp top cryptocurrencies

WebApp showing a card grid with the top cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency price tracker

js site
Simple js site which shows the current value of cryptocurrencies.

Recycler View

WIP application

Well-designed open source app features cryptocurrency prices and more.

Android application


A web app to track cryptocurrencies in real-time.

Cryptocurrency list

Android application
An application to explore the Android architecture.

Spring Mvc Application

Software development Kit

Search for info on cryptocurrencies, markets and exchanges by a range of different sorting options.

Import Coinranking API data to Airtable


A cryptocurrency ranking website


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