MBTO and FDCE (Metal Bonds Token Offering and First Decentralized Commodities Exchange)

FDCE is a platform for investment in MBTO (Metal Bonds Token Offering).
(bonds which have been realised through a blockchain and are
guaranteed by the issuer’s company’s commodities)

The mission of our company is to create a transparent market for crypto bonds.
The specifics of our custodial and technical solutions will allow both companies as providers of liquidity to expand and capitalize, and investors to invest their funds avoiding the risks associated with the uncertainty inherent in the stock markets.

How does it works ?

  1. The company (A) wants to tokenize its product (approx. 1 kg of palladium) in order to sell bonds through the FDCE platform.
  2. The company (A) provides a “warrant” for its products, which consists of 2 documents. The first in the form of a storage certificate shall be deposited at the following location
    custodial service. The second is in the form of a bail certificate - tokenized in the form of “digital bonds” based on blockchain Credits
  3. Custodial service issues a token of “bonds” and delivers it to FDCE ,
    which is based on
    security in the form of (1 kg of palladium) the availability of which and the right to receive the final
    warranted by the buyer
  4. The new asset becomes available for trading on the FDCE platform.

We launched FDCE ICO pre-sale :
DCET (Decentralized Commodities Exchange Token)
100.000.000 coins, starting price 0.088 usd for token +10% bonus.
We will sell 40% tokens.

Advantages for investors:

  1. MBTO mechanism will unite and bring the two largest markets to the blockchain ecosystem:
    Commodity market and bonds market

  2. MBTO is a new type of investment in which, like in STO, assets have real securities under them. However, since MBTOs are not backed up by shares but by commodity pledges, this market is not limited to a specific jurisdiction and is available to any investor. At the same time it keeps high security standarts.

  3. By investing in an MBTO, the investor can select a suitable financial instrument in advance (i.e., the issuer’s company, yield percentage and expiry date).
    By investing in an MBTO, the client can earn money not only by placing funds in digital bonds, but also by speculating on the FDCE platform.

  4. That is why by taking part in FDCE’s ICO ,
    Investors can be sure that they can be sure that the platform will be highly demanded and will bring the appropriate profit to token owners.


Hey @ FDCE_and_MBTO_Offici,

Great project introduction, sounds interesting! :+1:

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Nice! When does the pre-sale start?

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Feel free to apply for token listing on Coinranking as soon as your project hits exchanges: https://coinranking.com/page/list-a-cryptocurrency

Marianne, we started pre-sale 1 (DCET)= 0.088 usd
You can purchase tokens at our website www.mbto-fdce.com

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Advantages for companies:

  1. FDCE gives the opportunity to scale up your own business and receive cash flows to companies owners of commodities around the world.

Deployment of digital bonds advantageously differs from bank-loaning by the following criteria:

In the bank, interest is repaid on a monthly basis, while the company will repay FDCE debts at the end of bond issuance.

  1. Bank loans to companies do not have certain criteria and depend on the decision of banks.
  1. If it is impossible to repay the loan, there is a risk of losing business.
    In our case there is only a risk of losing an asset, which is used in the pledge.

  2. The bank has the right to unilaterally change the loan conditions.
    Bond rate on the platform is fixed in the smart contract.
    So can not be changed.

  3. The company chooses the optimal bond placement term and the repayment percentage when agreeing the placement on FDCE.
    This way we can offer companies comfortable conditions for receiving funds.

        How to buy DCET (Decentralized Commodities Exchange Token)
  1. You are required to create a wallet in “Credits” blockchain at wallet.credits.com.
  2. Write the amount of BTC, ETH, USDT, CS on which you want to buy DCET
    in application at www.mbto-fdce.com
  3. Send us your Credits wallet address
  4. We will provide you with a wallet to which you will need to transfer funds.
  5. After transfer you will get DCET to your Credits wallet with 10% bonus

how to buy
Best regards,
MBTO and FDCE team


I have readed all page of your whitepapers and all page on your website. Over all all idea of your project is new Inovation .

If you’re interesting in introducing your platform to Indonesian Crypto Community please connect with me on telegram.

Personal account https://t.me/Kaze99
Community group chat

Launches 7000$ give away!
1st place: 20.000 (MBTO)
2nd place: 10,000 (MBTO)
3 place: 5000 (MBTO)
4-10 seats: 2500 (MBTO)

Results: March 30.

Terms and conditions:
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Tokenomics “MBTO and FDCE”: Our project is currently running on two blockchains: Waves and Credits.

  1. “MBTO” (Metal Bonds Token Offering), which we initially launched for digital bond trading.
    This token is implemented on the Waves blockchain and is traded on the Waves.exechange .

Friendly oriented interface and application usability are important advantages when we talk about trading crypto assets.
You can buy this token for speculative purposes. Or you can conclude contracts with us to buy digital fixed-income bonds using these tokens.

  1. “DCET” token (Decentralized Commodities Exchange Token). This token is implemented on the basis of Credits blockchain and is the main instrument of raising funds for the implementation of the first decentralized commodity exchange.
    You can buy these tokens only directly from the project.

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I think the concept of project is great. I have some Waves on the Waves Exchange. And I will buy MBTO tokens.



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Watch our new promo video and share it!

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