New token SDX built for the hospitality industry

Steakd Hospitality Solutions token looking to resolve the mean problems facing the industry through web3 and blockchain technology

Welcome to the Steakd Ecosystem. Hospitality solutions designed by industry professionals that are smart, simple to implement, and that provide lasting industry impact. Steakd will feature SDX, our unique $BUSD rewards token launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Offering utility from day one… Steakd has been built to improve efficiency while reducing overall industry fees for all parties.

How the world eats is changing dramatically. A decade ago restaurant-quality food delivery was limited to a very small number of options. Since that time, food delivery has become a global market worth more than $150 billion dollars, having tripled since 2017 alone. With such rapid growth, the evolution and development of industry systems has not adapted well with the demand. In particular, opportunities to deliver services using blockchain technology have not been identified and built…. until now.

Steakd will bring utility to it’s ecosystem by offering real world services that assist the hospitality industry become more efficient, organized, and resilient in the challenging times that the industry faces. The Steakd team is built up of industry experts who understand that the difference between surviving and thriving is a thin line that our services will allow clients to step over. Built by industry experts for experts in the industry Steakd aims to always deliver exactly what’s needed.

One of our first focus areas at Steakd is current Food delivery systems. Current delivery models face significant challenges that add additional costs to all users of the hospitality system. With improved blockchain automation, these issues can be avoided, offering a better product at a lower price.
Whether it’s higher fees, staffing shortages, or inventory inflation, one of the biggest challenges in the industry at this time is increasing pressure on traditionally thin margins. Through our subscription model, Steakd will provide an automation platform to help manage challenges and provide a better path forward for the food service and hospitality industry.
Fees that are collected through transactions and monthly subscription fees will route back into the project for BBB and provide rewards for $SDX investors, member businesses, and their staff.