Please help to update coin information

I have submitted the Edit a cryptocurrency on Coinranking
Unnamed Exchange API is not correct coin.
the coin name is also incorrect.
please help.


BlockChainCoinX is not listed on Unnamed Exchange.
Please refer to the image above.
Unnamed exchange is referring to a different coin as seen above.
Can this be fixed?
We appreciate your kind attention to update BlockChainCoinX.
to remove Unnamed Exchange data.
Thank you very much.

Please, Try to understand.
BlockChainCoinX Is not traded on unnamed exchange.

Please remove this market. It is a for different coin you have listed
. (Bitconnect X Genesis)
If you look at the API endpoint you will see this is a different coin.

After more than a month.
Will you even respond, admin?
Why would you continue to ignore this obvious oversight?
People are losing funds to this mistake.
I don’t know how to explain it any better.
I don’t want to keep asking you over and over.
I will have to assume you just don’t care.