Please List UniCrypt (UNC)

Please List UniCrypt (UNC)

I filled out and submitted the request form to add UNC. Please add UNC. Thank you.

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Thanks, we are going to list UNC as soon as possible!

Price feeds not working for SWAP, LYXE, UNC, OM, TRADE

Thank you for listing Trustswap (SWAP), Lukso Token (LYXE), Unicrypt (UNC), Mantra DAO (OM) and Unitrade (TRADE).
Unfortunately, the price feeds for these 5 tokens are not working on the Coinranking or the Coinhodlr apps. The prices for these 5 tokens report as $0.00, which isn’t the correct prices for these tokens.

Can I trouble you to correct these issues and fix the price feeds so they report correctly?

Thank you.