Project Petalo PTL

Petalo is a project that was born in Barcelona June 5, 2019. Our intention apart from generating benefits from the activity of our plant cultivation company, we want to generate the first global decentralized seed bank in origin.

We have several associated companies in the sector in Barcelona. is the store where our associates sell their products and part of those benefits are returned to our blockchain users.

Our current capitalization of $ 43,000, we continue to work little by little because we go far.

It is a young project, good time to participate with few pennies.

We are happy to answer any questions and accept any participation.

more info… Petalo

Greetings team Petalo


Thanks for introducing your project, it sounds interesting!
I was wondering, why did you choose for combining your store with blockchain and crypto? :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting indeed. Keep the community posted here, about progress and plans. Good luck with your project!

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Hello Marianne

A blockchain for small businesses has a multitude of utilities.

  • works as a loyalty card
  • With a simple glance you see how the company is working in time
  • Visible accounts
  • Global participation -

The blockchain allows you to generate interaction with any project you like

greetings Marianne

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