Salient Investment Holding (SIH)

At last!
The opportunity to invest in crypto, while retaining the stability of investing in a conventional business in fiat currency.

Our vision at SIH is to provide a stable investment opportunity with good, sustainable growth for long term holders.

No need to sell your SIH tokens for profit. SIH holders get paid a monthly reward in USD stablecoins!

80% of tokens are locked over a 10 Year Distribution Plan, detailed on medium

We are Multi-Chain on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain
SIH Bridge ETH <> BSC


Where do cryptocurrencies go wrong ?
Currently the ONLY way to get a return on any of your crypto investments is to SELL your crypto holdings back into the market. Eventually leaving you with nothing but an empty bag! Normally, rewards are created through staking or mining, generating more of the same token. These additional tokens, saturate the market, creating selling pressure and driving down the value of the cryptocurrency.

So how is SIH different?
We have resolved this problem with SIH by introducing our 2nd Tier Reward System. SIH rewards holders by giving you a stablecoin reward pay-out. This monthly profit taking from your investment has no negative effect on the SIH market price. Furthermore, these stablecoin rewards (generated in the FIAT world) counter cryptocurrency market fluctuations. Therefore, you will never want to sell your SIH tokens!

How does SIH work?
The proceeds from the sale of tokens will be used in various businesses and opportunities in our unique business ecosystem, in order to generate normal business profits and rental income in the FIAT world.

Successful businesses and wise property investments generate an average NETT income between 20% and 30% per annum. Our business model includes both short term and long term projects — yielding returns accordingly.

We provide these as a monthly reward between 1% and 4% (sometimes even higher). These returns are converted to stable cryptocurrencies such as USDT or USDC coins to form part of our 2nd Tier Reward System.

Public verification of reward pay-out performance is visible on the blockchain. On Etherscan

To gain a profit on your investment, simply create an ETH wallet; deposit 1000 SIH tokens and hold on to it. Investors can monitor their cryptocurrency addresses, seeing their wallets and holdings grow monthly in value. You have full control of and access to your funds at all times!

We also created our own platform for those who do not fully understand blockchain. The goal is to keep investments as simple and easy as possible. We also made the platform as safe as possible too. We even went a step further and made it possible to earn on the other most popular cryptocurrencies such as USD stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin!

Cryptocurrency history, boasts of technological innovations and wonderful successes. Sadly, along the way there has also been closures and failures of both tokens and platforms, even deliberate scams.

Our platform users can enjoy peace of mind, protected by our extensive account coverage backed by not only one, but multiple independent service providers!

We have partnered with some of the world’s lending security and insurance providers to guarantee the safety of client funds. Fireblocks (Hot Wallet) and BitGo (Cold Storage) take care of security of funds backed by insurance up to a combined total of $130 Million. Furthermore, CoinCover provides independent, additional layers of protection through their own Theft Cover and Deposit Protection Guarantee!

BitGo has audited and approved our SIH token is fully integrated into their system. Our token is listed under Tokens — Salient Investment Holding · SIH resources/integrations

CoinCover Cryptocurrency Deposit Protection Guarantee:
Crypto insurance for theft and loss. Cover for end-users up to a value of
$100 000 USD per wallet, insured by Lloyd’s of London underwriters. ‍

This means that you will be able to recover your funds in the event that SIH ceases operations due to business failure, catastrophic systems failure or catastrophic data loss. The Guarantee provides you with an alternate way to access and recover your funds. Your Wallet is also guaranteed for account and key recovery, even after the death of the owner.

CoinCover Theft Cover:

Cover for end-users from the loss of cryptocurrency funds as a result of theft from an individual or Business online wallet. Protection will cover 100% of the wallet balance and be adjusted automatically to reflect wallet balances.

This Cover neither requires nor offers any excess/deductibles. This means that You do not need to pay any part of any claim arising. You will receive your claims payment at the full Value as identified on the Blockchain at the time and date of the Theft.

Our insurance coverage certificate can be found on the CoinCover website

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