Somnium Space Trading Volume errors?


I was wondering what is going on with Somnium Space trading volume. Summing up the price changes it does not add up to what is being shown in the graph.

For example, this transaction from today says that it has an Issurance Date of October 18, 2020 and on the site, it has no transaction history, unlike the other Somnium NFT. There are millions in pricing errors going on with Somnium Space from just today.

Is this an exploit that over-exagerate what is going on within NFT, because of the Somnium Space market? Half of the trading volume is coming from the Somnium Space market looks strange.

Looking at the same NFT just right now it’s trading for 2.7M, I see that the exact Token #0 is being repeatedly trading at various prices throughout the same day, anywhere from 200k to 2.7M, and then would disappear from the website after a few hours. What is going on with Somnium Space?

Thanks for reaching out and for letting us know! We will look into it and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Coinranking team

Hi shieldcharm,

That’s a good find! I’m ashamed to say that we’ve accidentally listed an ERC20 contract as an ERC721 contract.

I’ve removed the contract and recalculated the volumes, like it never happened!

If you’re interested, this is the contract that we’ve mistakenly listed:

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