Suggestion for the coins metadata endpoint


The coins metadata endpoint returns huge data. While this is an awesome endpoint for getting and storing all static contents of coins, the traffic between users and your servers would get high.

I’d like to suggest you to add optional parameter so that this endpoint returns newly updated/added coins by time range, like returning all coins updated in the last hour or 24 hours. This way, we save unnecessary traffic and process time to find latest updated coins metadata over thousands of coins.

Please let me know if there’s any question.

Thank you,

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Hi Fred!

Thanks for your suggestion. We specifically build the metadata endpoint due to popular demand to help people bootstrap their applications. The endpoint makes it easier to download all our coins at once, which means you do not have to mess around with looping through lots of pages. In contrast to the other endpoints, it is made to stream all the data, to ease the burden on our servers.

If you need to fetch just a subset of data, all the same data is available through our /coins or /exchanges endpoints. These are designed to be flexible, and with an increased limit of 5000 (or much lower if you need not nearly as much) you can still fetch a lot of coins.

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