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Tecra’s Next Level Crowdfunding :rocket:

Tecra is a high-technology startup company active in the blockchain ecosystem. The innovative model offered by the company addresses specific problems ingrained in traditional project financing – such as lack of transparency, high fees or intellectual property risk. Tecra’s revolutionary solutions can be encapsulated in one simple phrase: crowdfunding 2.0 . It is a deliberate and thought-through combination of traditional crowdfunding and blockchain technology, which brings transparency to the investment process and creates a thriving environment for both entrepreneurs and investors.

In order to ensure efficiency and self-reliance, Tecra’s ecosystem was designed to consist of three central blockchain-based projects: Tecra Space (a tokenization platform), TecraCoin (cryptocurrency) and Tecra DEX (decentralised exchange). Each of the projects is complementary to one another and plays a vital part in creating a well-functioning environment for creators and investors. The company’s project received official approval from the European Union and is aided by the Smart Growth Grant for research on implementation of blockchain technology and development of Tecra’s own DEX platform.

Tecra offers a new use for cryptocurrency – investing crypto assets in promising early-stage businesses. Investors can not only safely cash in on their crypto investment, but also become a part of creating something meaningful from the ground up, as Tecra Space lets you support a variety of commercially-viable startups in the high-technology sector and projects that offer solutions for sustainable development.

A New Type of Crowdfunding Platform

Tecra Space is an innovation in the field of crowdfunding. It not only provides a platform for promising projects and startups, but also offers solutions that are not available in traditional project financing. The introduction of blockchain technology to crowdfunding has many perks, such as:

  • Automatization of investment process through implementation of smart contracts .
  • Lower fees.
  • Improved security and transparency.
  • Increased accessibility and global reach.
  • Clarity of intellectual property rights with the use of tokenization.

All elements of Tecra’s ecosystem have been applied with deliberation and serve a specific function. What does each of them bring to the table?

Tokenization . Investors can obtain project tokens as a confirmation of the agreement with a project creator. That way, investors will have a stake in the success that the business sees after the project is successful. The project tokens can later be exchanged and traded on the dedicated exchange platform.

Smart contracts . Implementation of smart contracts helps to automatize and optimise both fundraising and distribution of funds for project realization. The funds are released to project creators in tranches only once previously set milestones have been reached. This provides investors with greater oversight over the projects, increasing transparency and making the crowdfunding process much more legitimate.

NFT will serve as a form of investor packages for backing up a project. Non-fungible tokens will be given to investors for their financial contributions, and each of them will provide a unique set of limited-edition perks and benefits.

Tecracoin . Fundraising campaigns are conducted on the platform with the use of TCR, are tax-free, which is a complete novelty for crowdfunding. The value of the currency is connected to the success of projects, which is to say it is expected to steadily rise with time and the number of projects that pass to the commercialisation phase. TecraCoins are also a source of numerous benefits. All coin holders registered on Tecra’s platform are rewarded with a bonus commission on every project with a successfully conducted fundraising campaign. Additionally, Tecra provides various functionalities that help optimise the TCR capital, such as a staking service TecraCoin Smart Deposit.

Tecra DEX . Supported by the EU grant, the specialists at Tecra’s headquarters are currently working on developing an effective and accessible decentralised platform for the exchange of digital assets by the use of token economy. It will be the place to trade cryptocurrency and tokens, which play a pivotal role in Tecra’s ecosystem. Tecra DEX is currently at the development stage and the launch is estimated for the first half of 2022. Aside from the DEX there are also plans to launch a centralised exchange (CEX), which will offer various functionalities, friendly interface and, importantly, a high trading volume thanks to a large community gathered around the projects on Tecra Space.

Further benefits of implementation of blockchain on a crowdfunding platform include lower fees. While upkeeping blockchain does generate costs, simultaneously it allows the platform to drastically reduce transaction fees. This is good news for both project creators and investors, as it makes fundraising less expensive and more profitable.

You can read all about these projects and more on Tecra Space platform. All the projects which have been submitted to the platform are listed in a dedicated tab “Project dock”. That is the place where potential investors can see what is in the store for them, and where in the future they will be able to vote on projects they are most interested in supporting.

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