Testa.Finance connects DAO Consensus and DeFi featuring "Liquidity-Controlled Supply" farming!

Testa Finance

Testa is a community-driven token that connects DAO consensus business networks with the DeFi market by utilising one of the most innovative smart contract technologies in the current market trend including recent DeFi farming, lending and staking. Testa is also a mandatory asset for the community to use as a medium to stake and convert to jTesta, a counter-asset, which is convertible via our official website based on Web3 technology. All benefits such as airdrops and governance power are only available to those who hold jTesta.

Check out our state-of-the-art and first ever Liquidity-Controlled Supply farming.
Supply will be released only if the liquidity for the token increases.
You are welcome to check our farming system on our official website.

Official Website: https://testa.finance
Uniswap TESTA-ETH Pair: 0x0778908a7d5503D8B8e35f63E25a349e663242d7

  • DAO Consensus Business Network
  • DeFi Summit by DAO Consensus
  • Testamex (Coming soon)
    The Hybrid Exchange for CeFi and DeFi fuelled by TESTA and governed by jTESTA.
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