WETALK Series - In The Blockchain Industry

WETALK Series - In The Blockchain Industry

:studio_microphone:AFRICUNIA Launches Dynamic “WETALK Series” Show​:radio::studio_microphone:


AFRICUNIA is a decentralised, distributed, adaptive, open socio-technomical ecosystem with properties of self-organisation, scalability and sustainability where healthy competition and collaboration among diverse businesses, people and entities prevail.

AFRICUNIA in collaboration with Renowned Global Cryptocurrency Exchange - COINKEEPER have come together to create a revolutionary “first of its kind show” - WETALK Series - in the blockchain industry.

The “WETALK Series” show is a new introduction that is set to serve AFRICUNIA’s resolve to help introduce upcoming and existing projects to the right audience in order to aid its development.

WETALK Show is a Voice Note (VN) event to be held one of the most popular cryptocurrency/blockchain social platform (telegram) whereby project owners/representatives are interviewed live through Voice recordings, while the community listen directly to the voice recordings.

Each session of the show will last thirty (30) minutes, special guests from different arms of the crypto world will be available to ask questions directly from the project representative.

Community members will have the opportunity to learn about the projects in detail with the opportunity to listen to the voice of their Favorite projects CEOs with some form of reward to be distributed at the end of the show.

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