What exciting crypto projects are out there and why?

I’m kinda curious about what crypto projects you guys get enthusiastic about. Mind you, I’m not talking about coins that are going to moon here. So apart from speculation, what excites you about crypto?

For me it’s projects like basic attention token (note: I’m not invested in BAT whatsoever, although I use their Brave browser). It’s a solution to a problem that really needs solving; how to earn money with creating content in a time where information is basically free. It might sites like wikipedia have a steady income without having to introduce ads.

Personally I think this is where using a blockchain really shines; people are incentivized to create interesting content, and they can put it wherever they like, because the revenue is decoupled from the content platform.


Basic Attention Token is an intriguing project indeed. I would be great to see it enabling new monetization schemes for content creators.

To answer your question, I get excited by crypto projects that enable social, economic and technical experiments that weren’t possible before. For example, algorithmic stablecoins, decentralized autonomous organizations and non-fungible tokens.

We don’t know yet what value these experiments will bring to the world, and I am following their progress in excitement :yum:

Are there any autonomous organizations out there yet? Sounds really interesting. Any project already working on such ideas?

Yes there are a few:

Moloch DAO is a DAO focussed on funding the development of Ethereum. The DAO is managed by its token holders, and make decisions on fund allocation for example.

MakerDAO is a DAO that enables permissionless collateralized loan issuance combined with a USD stablecoin called Dai. Decisions on upgrades to the MakerDAO smart contracts are made by MKR holders.

Tezos could also be described as a DAO. All decisions regarding the layer 1 protocol are made by holders of the native XTZ token.

Aragon is a dApp on Ethereum and that enables any group of people to create their own DAO.

I’m sure there are a lot of other promising projects in this area.